At Vibe Studio I offer a modern yoga coaching program that helps to calm your mind and set healthy goals and boundaries. 

Yoga is an inner technology, that can be used to achieve freedom and mastery over your life. I pass on this hidden knowledge of meditative yoga in a unique coaching program. It is suitable if you notice you have a physical or mental barrier, or are close to burn-out, and know that it is time to change.

Humans have an innate capacity to self heal. I love to help you discover yours. Is this exactly what you have been looking for? Let’s meet. 

Much love,
Emily Mulder

Yoga Coaching Program


According to yogic science the body contains seven main energy centers that can be in balance, over- or under active. Based on this knowledge I created the Vibe Test. It gives an insight in the current energy flow of your energy centers. In preparation of the program you are invited to fill out this test. You will receive a clear energy report that we will go through together.


During the first session we get to know each other, discuss the energy report and determine your goals. You will be introduced to the meditative yoga practice and I will make an estimate of your physical abilities.

Tailored Yoga Sequence

I will write a yoga sequence for you that is based on your goals and abilities. It will enable you to create your own yoga practice at home.

After a decade of practicing yoga and meditation myself, I find that a sequence of hatha yoga postures combined with deeply stretching yin yoga postures and meditation make the best routine to create lasting changes.  

Your personal sequence will invite your body and mind to move, surrender to what is and journey into your inner silence. Your stress levels will diminish and a sense of wellbeing will take the stage. 

Personal Workbook

During the program you will receive a personal workbook to assist you in your process. In the workbook you will find a summary of your goals for the program. You will receive an assessment of your physical abilities, and an estimate of the achievability of your goals. I will do research and prescribe yoga postures and/or meditation practices that will promote your development. In the workbook their specific benefits are clarified to help you understand why they were chosen. Along with that you will receive lifestyle tips and more to complement your yoga coaching program. 

Optional sound healing 

A personal sound bath is a magical addition to your yoga coaching program. You can use one of the yoga sessions to schedule a sound healing.

The vibrational field the singing bowls and tuning forks create invite you to a deep state of relaxation. The sound bath helps you to release old ways of thinking and unresolved experiences. Find more about the benefits of sound healing below. 


If you are enthusiastic after the program, spread the word!  In return you will receive a gift. For referrals who sign up for the yoga coaching program you will receive a free extra session of private yoga or sound healing. All they have to do is mention your name when they sign up. 


At the end of the program we will evaluate your goals and progress. It is possible to continue with regular sessions. At the end of the program we can discuss the options. 




What to expect:

Pricing: € 1.000,- ex. btw  

About Emily

Be nonviolent to all beings

In 2016 I completed my four-year Raja Yoga teacher training (+500 hours) with yoga charya Annemiek Latour and started Bedrijfsyoga Amsterdam. I taught group classes at dozens of companies, including Google, KFC, and WeWork. In 2017 I followed the Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher training at De Nieuwe Yogaschool. I also started teaching private yoga and meditation sessions that year, as ‘Private Yogi’. In 2021 the company name changed to Vibe Studio because ‘corporate yoga’ no longer covered the load and because I had added sound healing to my services.

If you had told me fifteen years ago that I would be teaching yoga, I would not have believed you. I worked as an advertising creative, and worked many hours. I had a busy schedule and took little time for myself. That went wrong at a certain point.

Because of this experience I know how important it is to have compassion for yourself. Yoga teaches this in an important rule of life: Ahimsa. Be nonviolent to all sentient beings. “So also to myself?” Ahimsa changed my life and is now central to how I pass on yoga.

What is sound healing?

Instruments made of pure clear quartz.

Our brainwaves slow down during the sound bath from beta, to alpha and and theta. Theta is associated with your subconscious mind. The place in our awareness where we can change and release old patterns and gain new insights about who we are or want to become.   

In a harmonic sound shower field, we entangle with that harmonic energy.

-Dr. B. Lipton-

Micro biologist

The crystal instruments that are used during the sound bath are crystal tuning forks and singing bowls. The instruments are tuned to the seven largest energy centers of the body. An energy center (or ‘chakra’) can be in balance, under- or overactive.

Your body is an instrument. When was the last time it was tuned? 

A one-on-one sound healing session is a personal ‘vibrational massage’ with crystal instruments. The singing bowls are placed close to your body to create your personal healing energy field. The tuning forks can detect and untangle dryness in the biofield and restore a natural energy flow. 

It is not only heard, but also felt. Every cell in the body is reached with the pure vibrations of the crystal instruments.

Benefits of sound healing:

– promotes feeling in balance

– mental stability

– physical freshness

– stress reduction

– sleep improvement

Sleep better. Stop energetic dryness.  

During a sound bath meditation our energy centers are invited to resonate with the vibrational field the crystal instruments create. It has a calming effect that brings you the benefits of meditation, almost instantly. 


Information can be carried by chemistry and it can be carried by vibration.


Physicist, University of London


 Everything is made of energy. The movement of energy is what we call vibration. We all vibrate. The speed of vibrations we call frequency. And when frequencies resonate together, we create harmony.