Everything is made of energy. The movement of energy is what we call vibration. We all vibrate.The velocity of the vibrations we call frequency. And when frequencies resonate together, we create harmony.

Vibe Studio is the first sound healing studio in the heart of Amsterdam. A peaceful sanctuary where you’ll find combined sessions of meditative yoga and sound baths. During challenging times it is very important to reload on your vibrational energy. Through sound meditation and stress relieving yoga we can keep ourselves happy and healthy.

The group yoga sessions + sound baths can be booked together and separate. Perhaps we will start up with memberships and of course you can contact me for a private session.  

A sound bath a day…

When we enjoy a harmonic sound field it impacts the entire body and mind. The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and our own vibrational energy fields entangle. This way we can return from stress and and imbalanced state, back towards homeostasis.

Did you know even our thoughts have vibrational properties? Everything physical in this universe is made up of vibrations, frequencies or: energy. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Much love,
Emily Mulder

Owner – Vibe Studio

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Soundbaths at Vibe Studio

At vibe studio we can enjoy the healing benefits of a sound bath meditation every day.

Benefits of sound bathing

Our brainwaves can slow down during the sound bath from beta, to alpha and maybe even theta. Theta is associated with your subconscious mind. The place in our awareness where we can change and release old patterns and gain new insights about who we are or want to become.   

private sound healing

The crystal instruments that are used during the sound bath are the harp, tuning forks and singing bowls. The instruments are tuned to the seven largest energy centers of the body. An energy center (or ‘chakra’) can be in balance, but also under- or overactive


Your body is an instrument. When was the last time it was tuned? 

A one-on-one Sound Healing session is a private ‘vibrational massage’ with crystal instruments. The singing bowls are placed close to your body to create your personal healing energy field. The tuning forks can detect and untangle dryness in the biofield and restore a natural energy flow. 

It is not only heard, but also felt. Every cell in the body is reached with the pure vibrations of the crystal instruments.

Benefits of sound healing:
– mental and physical freshness
– stress reduction and improve sleep
– promotes feeling in balance


Instruments made of 99,99% pure clear quartz

During a sound bath meditation our energy centers are invited to resonate with the vibrational field the crystal instruments create. It has a calming effect that brings you all the benefits of meditation, almost instantly. 


Styles of movement at Vibe Studio

The styles of movement offered at Vibe Studio are complementary to the sound bath meditation. We prepare the body mind to go into deep relaxation. All movement sessions have a meditatie quality. 


Yin yoga invites us to the art of ‘not doing’. The poses are mainly done sitting and lying down, and held for minutes at a time. This allows our bodies to relax the muscles while we stimulate the connective tissues to rejuvenate. Yin yoga also allows the energetic currents in the body to restore any dryness. 

Hatha flow

Hatha yoga is gentle and powerful at the same time. This classical form of yoga typically revolves around improving flexibility of the body, the steadiness of our mental state and breath. Active poses, pranayama (energetic breathing techniques) and relaxing poses are being implemented in a Hatha Flow session, to help us regulate our life force. 

Hatha Yin Fusion

This style of yoga is an interesting blend of Hatha and Yin. Longer held Hatha postures are interspersed with deeply stretching Yin postures and relaxing breathing exercises. By moving the body and mind slowly we surrender to what is and our stress levels lower down. Hatha Yin Fusion is a meditative journey into our inner silence.

In a harmonic sound shower field, we entangle with that harmonic energy.

-Dr. B. Lipton-

Micro biologist

Information can be carried by chemistry and it can be carried by vibration.


Physicist, University of London

Breathwork + Meditation

Breathwork is a breathing technique during which you continuously inhale and exhale for a certain amount of breaths. After this, when the body is fully oxygenated you hold the breath for a little while. This connective breathing technique is done in a series of three. After this we end our practice with a nice long savasana. 

Benefits: More focus and energy, better sleep, a higher resistance to stress, and a stronger immune system. 

Dutch national pride Wim Hof (a.k.a. The Iceman) has awakened the world to the power of the breath. He has revolutionized the scientific understanding of the workings of our autonomic nervous system, through breathwork and meditation.

Nidra sound bath

Yoga Nidra is known as the yogic sleep. During a Nidra Sound Bath we take the art of doing nothing to the next level. Yoga Nidra is done balancing in between sleep and being awake. The emotional tensions tend to subside as we stay aware, and enter a deeply relaxing state. The purifying vibrational field of the complementary sound bath is a perfect fit. This session invites us to journey deep into our own being. The vibrations continue to resonate after the session. Make sure you stay hydrated.

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Health balance inner peace

Vibe Studio

Vibe Studio is a sound healing studio in Amsterdam (city center). On the schedule you will find a holistic combination of sound baths, meditation and movement sessions (yoga). All sessions aim to create health, balance and inner peace. You are very welcome at Vibe Studio.