Find an overview below of the current offers. The coaching program is available to approximately eight people per month. 

Perhaps you prefer to opt for an individual private session of yoga or sound healing.

You are welcome at Vibe Studio. See you soon!


1.000,- / ex. VAT
  • Ten yoga coaching sessions in a luxury studio
  • Sound bath with crystal singing bowls (worth € 249)
  • Workbook with practices that support your goals
  • Energy report + consult
  • Personal yoga series, to-go
  • Hotline via WhatsApp

Private Yoga

130,- / ex. VAT - single session
  • Combo of hatha and yin yoga
  • Inner balance and deep rest
  • Energy report + consult
  • Body analysis
  • Private studio at Keizersgracht
  • 75 minutes

Private Sound Healing

249,- / ex. VAT - single session
  • Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks
  • Vibrational massage
  • Release of stuckness
  • Inner balance and deep relaxation
  • Energy report + consult
  • 75 minutes

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 Everything is made of energy. The movement of energy is what we call vibration. We all vibrate. The speed of vibrations we call frequency. And when frequencies resonate together, we create harmony.