Why do we meditate?

I sometimes ask this when people start meditating. Meditation has a relaxing effect when you are a beginner. Instant profit. 

Secondly, it has a healing effect. You begin a “cleansing process” in which in becomes possible to let go of old beliefs, and make healthier choices for your life.

In a later phase, when you are an advanced meditation practitioner, meditation has an awareness-expanding effect. Most meditative practitioners eventually start to investigate who and what they are. And why we are here. We call this self-inquiry. 

Guided Meditations

On youtube you can find the guided meditations Emily created. The first seven are specifically for the seven energy centers. There is a preview to the sound bath meditation, and in Dutch there is a sleep meditation for kids. Also only in Dutch you can listen to the podcast Mediteren met Emily, where there are several chakra meditations. 

First chakra

A grounding meditation that helps you to reduce feelings of anxiety.

Second chakra

Your sacral chakra is located just below your navel. It is associated with contentment and pleasure. This meditation helps you to dispel feelings of loneliness and gloomy thoughts.

Third chakra

When we meditate on our third chakra we can reduce feelings of powerlessness and anger.

Fourth chakra

A meditation on the heart chakra helps to open your heart (again). What lives in your heart? Your heart center will tell you, when you (re-)connect. 

Fifth chakra

Do you have trouble expressing yourself? Meditating on your throat chakra can help you change this. Singing, painting and drawing too.

Sixth chakra

You can improve your intuition by meditating on your pineal gland, or third eye chakra. Do you want to better understand a topic in your life? Or change certain recurring thought patterns? Try this meditation. 

Seventh chakra

One with all that is. Meditating on your crown chakra broadens your insight and wisdom.

Sound Bath TryOut

Are you curious about the effect of a sound bath? Give this short soundbath meditation a try. Make sure you create a calm setting where you can’t be disturbed.

voor kinderen

Slaapchallenge voor kinderen die niet kunnen slapen en zogenaamd niet moe zijn. Ze ronken binnen vijf minuten. 

Mediteren met Emily

Op Spotify heb ik ook een paar podcasts geplaatst, waaronder een meditatie voor je wortel chakra (eerste chakra) in het Nederlands. De komende tijd zullen daar meer meditaties bijkomen waarschijnlijk. Abonneer je op mijn kanaal ‘Mediteren met Emily’ om ze niet te missen.